Virtual HR

We pride ourselves on being the complete staffing solution for your business. Using this entry-level service we take the demanding work of producing, listing and screening applications out of your hands.

With this service we provide:

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  • The creation of your branded advertising campaign
  • List the vacancy on top job boards and social media outlets
  • We communicate with every applicant that applies for the role
  • Conduct short interview via phone to establish suitability
  • Forward all shortlisted applicants matched to your criteria as they become available
  • Reply to all unsuccessful applicants to ensure the credibility of your business remains intact

We are the only automotive exclusive service that provides a complete solution for all your staffing needs. Our experience sets us apart from the rest, giving you piece of mind that someone who has extensive dealership experience is partnering with you to help get the outcome you need for your business.


Some of the benefits include:


  • Reduction in time going through applications not suitable for role (this will be even more critical with the introduction of work for the dole)
  • Increased productivity for your management team
  • Replying to every applicant (successful or not) to ensure that these potential customers aren’t left with a bad taste in their mouth
  • At $499 (ex GST) per job role this represents great value, and best of all, it’s easy!


Want to know more….give us a call on 1300 005 678 or through the comment box below.





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