Why should I use Automotive Talent to get my next role?

There are many reasons why as a candidate you should use Automotive Talent to secure your next role, all being as significant as the other. Let us explain.

At Automotive Talent, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry, and are communicating with our client network on a daily basis. What are you doing day to day? That’s’ right “working” in your current role, spending as much time with the family, etc as possible. Do you have the time or opportunity to put into unlocking your next career progression?


At Automotive Talent, we have a complete awareness of movements within the industry. Therefore, we give you access to roles that you may not be aware existed. This is more common, especially in senior-level roles.


At Automotive Talent, we are good at what we do, and are respected in the marketplace. We deal directly with the decision maker, which enables your application to go to the front of the queue, every time.

Candidate Briefs

When you use Automotive Talent, your application comes to life. Not only do our clients understand your skills and experience, that know exactly your expectations, direction, succession options, and character before the first meeting.


At Automotive Talent, we are bound by a strict Code for Professional Conduct. In summary, your information is secure, and not utilized without your specific permission, in every instance.


As a candidate, it is just easier. Candidates get the benefit of having a professional partner in the recruitment process, coaching and guiding you through a delicate time in your career.


As part of our values at Automotive Talent, our role is one of relationships. We are always there to assist in any way we can.

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