Tell me about a time when?

Recently, I was going through a debrief with one of our candidates discussing the interview he had just completed with a client. He said something to me that I don’t hear often, but when I do, is like running fingernails down a blackboard.  He said “that was the worst interview[…]

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Team Engagement….it’s up to you.

As an industry, our customers are everything to us. We place a heavy importance on assessing how well we engage with our customers, and of course, how well they are engaged with our business. At its foundation is a very simple question we would like to know the answer too….”now[…]

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Building a winning team culture

We here at Automotive Talent are massive sports fans, and passionate about AFL in particular. I am currently reading the new release autobiography by Leigh “Lethal” Matthews titled “Accept the Challenge”. For those that aren’t aware of Leigh, he was the coach of the Brisbane Lions from the late 90’s[…]

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