Where is the revolving door in your business?

Do you measure staff turnover in your business? Our industry, for many reasons, has had a staff turnover rate higher than average. This is due to many reasons, some self inflicted, some not.

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There are many reasons for this and you can pigeonhole these reasons into 2 firm categories.


They are:

  • Did the business leave (fail) the team member? Or
  • Did the team member leave (fail) the business?



The truth be known, in the majority of cases, the business has failed the team member and we will focus on this today. This happens for many reasons but the overriding factor through them all is something we are accustomed to working on for our customers EVERY DAY…and that is ENGAGEMENT. Are our team members engaged with the business, or more accurately, their manager?

There is an old saying ‘that people don’t leave businesses, they leave managers’ which has never been more true than what it is today. After all, the walls, product, fit out, etc of your business doesn’t set the tone for the culture. It is the team members within that do this. In turn, the Manager of that department or business has the biggest influence over the culture being the leader of that team.

If you are serious about lowering you staff turnover, their engagement is the key to your success.

We are serious about helping clients with their team engagement…..and the best news is that it genuinely doesn’t cost money. If you would like help in this area please don’t hesitate to make contact with us here at Automotive Talent.


Cheers Cameron

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